Banu Grote With Enkidu III, Kieswewrk, 2010


I am a Turkish artist living in Switzerland and working internationally. After my graduation from the Department of Fine Arts of Marmara University in 1991, I went to USA to pursue my art and to deepen my view of world.

Then I moved to Switzerland, where I am still living and continuing my art on an international base.

Additionally I did my MAS in 2013 at the Zürich Fine Arts University (ZhdK) in Curating. As a graduation project I curated the 1. International Bodrum Biennial in Bodrum, Turkey with the parcipitation of the 30 international and 50 national artists.

Banu GroteMy art has its roots deep in my consciousness and in the mystical art. Art has never been a superficial appearance of reality for me. But rather it is an expression of inner worlds. I find some symbolic forms like holes and circles using different materials like sand, organic pieces found in nature, wax, gips, fabric which lets my conciousness into play in a spontanous way. I believe an artist by creating and with her art works can lead the viewer to the mystical worlds not seen but known with inner knowledge.

When I start working, I begin with a dialogue with the materials : they speak, they have a language of their own and from this a dialogue develops between me and the materials. Then a kind of struggle begins between the idea which I am trying to express and the material form that I want to give it. The development and the changes are dictated by the picture itself. Hence my method of working becomes an inescapable dialogue between the original idea, arising from everyday feelings and the materials.